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How it works

Qbeast optimizes the organization of data to enable 
more cost-efficient use of data lakes.

Why Qbeast

Cost savings
Savings on cloud computation of BI and ML use cases on data lakes.
Improved performance
Faster and cheaper queries by accessing fewer data with multi-column filtering. 
Open and interoperable
Truly open and interoperable with data platforms and cloud providers. Use your favorite tool for Business Intelligence or Machine Learning.
Approximate queries
Answer queries at a fraction of the cost by taking samples to solve the queries with error bounds.
Cheaper ML model training
Access only the information that improves the training of the models.
Can be customized to your needs and data stack.

Unparalleled performance and cost savings

Apache Spark

Result: 37.869383

Time: 151.36s
Cost: 0.025€

Apache Spark + Qbeast Sample

Result: 37.856333

Time: 6.62s
Cost: 0.00024€

22x faster
100x savings

  • Benefits
    Reduce the cost and accelerate time to market of data driven products.

    • Sustainability
    • Cost savings
    • Faster time to market with better products
  • Benefits
    Increase LTV and minimize CPA with data.

    • Faster testing to improve Marketing activities
    • Faster and cheaper Machine Learning model training
  • Benefits
    Deliver faster and cost-efficient Business Intelligence and Machine Learning at scale.

    • Improved performance
    • Open, interoperable and flexible
    • Future proof
  • Benefits
    Building and maintaining data lakes made easy.

    • Open source
    • Languages and frameworks you are used to
    • Faster testing with approximate queries


Let Qbeast manage the hard things and focus on creating value.

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