Smart Data Layout:
A new standard
for managed tables


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Cybersecurity Use Case

Qbeast Saved up to 98% of Cloud Cost in Cybersecurity Analysis.


Fraud Detection Use Case

Qbeast Format can train 10x faster using statistical representative sampling.


How it works

Who can benefit

Head Of Data

If your company is trying to innovate but wants to avoid paying astronomic bills on Cloud Services.

Data Engineer

Build, test, and develop data pipelines at high-speed with Qbeast Format and DBT.

ML Engineer

Experience accelerated insights and streamlined model training from Qbeast Format’s novel organization.

Our tech

ACID Properties




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Dynamically improves the way data is organized as it keeps learning from how information is accessed.

Agile development platform

Developing, testing, and data exploration at high-speed with sampling.

ML accelerator

Gradient-based data navigation that reduces time and cost.


Open source is about more than just code,
it’s about creating a space where people from all backgrounds collaborate on building something great together.
Empowering a diverse communityand democratizing Big Data.

Share our technology openly to help in every way we can.

The entire community benefits from the collective innovation.

People can help the project by adding what they need, making it grow faster and more inclusively.

About us

About us

Our mission is to make the lives of data engineers easier.

We are Qbeast Analytics. Our name is a tribute to the Cubistic artists that understood the complexity of the world and knew that drawing it realistically, was a limit to expression. They knew that the goal of art was to communicate emotions, not to photocopy their surroundings.

Our roots

Years of research at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center

We faced technical challenges in data analytics that other industries will face only in the years to come. And we solved them. Merging the scalability and flexibility of Big Data software with the superior efficiency of HPC technology results in a new, innovative architecture to store, organize and analyze data.


Let us handle the tough stuff and focus on creating value.