Our mission is to accelerate the transition
to a Big Data-driven economy and society

We are Qbeast Analytics. Our name is a tribute to the Cubistic artists that understood the complexity of the world and knew that drawing it realistically, was a limit to expression. They knew that the goal of art was to communicate emotions, not to photocopy their surroundings.

In the same way, we want to revolutionize the focus on Big Data analytics. The goal is to make humans understand information, not to make machines faster in crunching bits.
Qbeast is a spin-off of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC).

Our roots
Years of research at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center

We faced technical challenges in data analytics that other industries will face only in the years to come. And we solved them. Merging the scalability and flexibility of Big Data software with the superior efficiency of HPC technology results in a new, innovative architecture to store, organize and analyze data.

Founding team

CEO & Founder
Cesare Cugnasco, PhD
  • Inventor of the patented technology & researcher on Big Data and HPC
  • PhD In Computer Architecture
  • Senior Researcher at BSC
  • Executive MBA 
CTO & Co-founder
Pol Santamaria
  • Big Data Engineer with experience in industrial and academic European projects
  • MSc in Computational Engineering and Mathematics
  • MBA
CBDO & Co-founder
Clemens Jesche
  • Business Consulting and Account Management experience for B2B Treasury Management software
  • MSc in Business Administration
COO & Co-founder
Nicolás Escartin
  • Corporate finance professional
  • Former M&A consultant and startup advisor
  • IESE MBA and Master in Business  Law
Tech Lead & Evangelist, Co-founder
Paola Pardo
  • Big Data Engineer and tech meetup speaker


Strategy Advisor
Raül Sirvent, PhD

15 years of experience in European Union research.

Strategy & Scientific Advisor
Ricard Gavaldà, PhD

30 years of experience in academic research and CEO and Founder of Amalfi Analytics.

Growth & Product Advisor
Avi Meir

CEO and Co-Founder of TravelPerk, the world’s fastest-growing SaaS company in 2019.

Industry & Data Advisor
Alessandro Pregnolato

VP Data at Preply. 20 years of Business Intelligence and Data Science experience.

Our investors

Institutional supporters

Research Collaborations and Projects

The Qbeast framework has been partially developed in the European Projects Human Brain Project, I-BiDaaS and QUAKE

Where BSC acts as a technological partner. Qbeast has helped in a number of use cases to speed up data processes (Brain Atlas use case, CaixaBank, Telefonica I+D and FIAT Research, among others).

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