About us

About Qbeast

Qbeast is a spin-off that originated at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). Qbeast focuses on the analysis of Big Data with Data Leverage, providing great insights while accessing only the minimum quantity of raw data.

Our goal is to help companies get the insights they need faster and with fewer resources.

Cesare Cugnasco, PhD – CEO of Qbeast

From projects to use cases

The Qbeast framework has been partially developed in several European projects like the Human Brain Project, I-BiDaaS and QUAKE, where BSC acts as a technological partner. Qbeast has helped in a number of use cases to speed up data processes. Projects include HBP Brain Atlas, CaixaBank, Telefonica I+D and FIAT Research.

From the research lab to the industry

Our technology is the result of years of research at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. The key focus of our research was to merge the scalability and flexibility of Big Data software with the superior efficiency of high-performance computing technology. From this marriage, a new, innovative architecture to store, organize and analyze data was born.

About the name

We named it Qbeast (read as “kju:bi:st”), the cubistic beast, as an homage to the cubism art movement pioneered by Pablo Picasso that revolutionized the way we can represent a 3-dimensional world into a 2D canvas. Similarly, Qbeast disrupts the way multi-dimensional information is organized into linear storage.

Our mission is to empower society to take full advantage of Big Data

The MareNostrum IV from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center
The MareNostrum IV – Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

Our team


Cesare Cugnasco, PhD

CEO & Founder

Inventor of the patented technology and researcher on Big Data and HPC.

Clemens Jesche

Clemens Jesche

CBDO & Co-founder

Business Consultant and Account Management experience for B2B Treasury Management software providers.

Pol Santamaria

CTO & Co-founder

Big Data engineer with experience in industrial and academic European projects.

Nicolas Escartin

COO & Co-founder

Corporate finance professional and startup advisor. IESE MBA.

Dev team

Paola Pardo

Big Data Engineer


Raül Sirvent, PhD

Strategy Advisor

15 years of experience in European Union research.

Ricard Gavalda, PhD

Strategy & Scientific Advisor

30 years of experience in academic research. Entrepreneur and CEO of Amalfi Analytics.


The Human Brain Project
Excelencia Severo Ochoa