Community In The Time Of Covid

Community In The Time Of Covid

September 2, 2021

Qbeast turned one year old, and what a year it has been.

Yes, you read that right. We decided to start a company in 2020, in the middle of a pandemic. Call us crazy, but with patience and determination anything is possible. Qbeast stands today because of the hard work of all the employees, and as a company we show our people how much we appreciate them.

We always look for new ways to bring our people together, through having fun, through learning, and through trusting each other. Giving people the ability to interact during the pandemic has been a challenge that as a company we have met and succeeded through frequent video meetings. These calls created fun and lasting memories while at the same time working toward a common goal together.

But after being holed up inside for months, away from co-workers and others, our first attempt was attending the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. As part of the 4YFN we had a booth with Barcelona Activa and with Banco Sabadell Bstartup. After all, people miss networking and seeing each other, and if there is enough support in attending an event being held as safely as possible in person, then why not try?

But how do you promote that team spirit when everyone is remote you ask? Last month we organized a virtual team building event with the help of our friends from Let’s Cook, a meal kit service in Barcelona, where you select a meal plan, receive the recipes and exact ingredients at your doorstep, and prepare your meals with step-by-step instructions and videos.

We all connected virtually in order to cook together and then enjoy a homemade lunch offered by Qbeast. This was an opportunity for the team to socialize and just enjoy having some fun. Of course, for some of us the vietnamese rolls we prepared looked more like ping pong balls in the end, but still delicious!

With vaccines rolling out, companies project that things will be getting somewhat back to normal by this fall. Being social is human nature, and people will always crave that face-to-face contact for personal connections.

Through all of this, we should not lose the importance of human connection. Our workplace is more than getting the job done. It is also a place to feed the soul, nurture relationships and create opportunities for people to engage and interact.

Zoom, Google Meets, etc., have been an invaluable tool to help the world continue to communicate. Ultimately, it is the human connection that will get us through this pandemic and sustain us as we collectively build the new normal in our workplaces.

Team building is a celebration, and we will continue to celebrate together.

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