Create awesome GIFs from a terminal: Nice-looking animations with Terminalizer

Eric Ávila

Have you ever wanted to generate cool GIFs from a terminal output? Do you want to have fancy animations to show some code snippets?

Using terminalizer, you will be able to create fantastic animations by following this simple guide!

The solution

1. First, you need to install NodeJS v12.21.0 (LTS) from Other versions may not be compatible with terminalizer, and you might have problems when using it.

2. After that, install terminalizer globally by using the command:

npm install -g terminalizer

Now you can use the following commands to record, play and share a GIF:

# Start recording a demo in a file called my_demo.yml
terminalizer record my_demo

# Now run the commands you want to appear in the GIF.
# When you have finished, press Ctrl+D (⌘+D) to stop recording.

# You can play the demo you just recorded by using the play option.te
terminalizer play my_demo.yml

# At this point you can customize several things,
# check the "🌟 Pro tips" section below.

# If you're happy with the result, render the GIF from your YML
# file. This will create a file in your current directory.
terminalizer render my_demo.yml

🌟 Pro tips: You can edit and customize your GIF before rendering it by modifying the content of the .yml file.

  • For example, you can change the colours or the style by changing the theme and the frameBox objects in the YML:
    background: "#28225C"
    type: floating
    title: Terminalizer Rocks!
  • You can also edit the content and the timing of the output by modifying the records object:
# Records, feel free to edit them
  - delay: 50
    content: "\e[35mErics-MacBook-Air\e[0m:~ eric$ "

So with a few modifications, we can get something like this:

You can find more customization options and tips at the original repo on GitHub:


Terminalizer is a beautiful and easy-to-use tool to create GIFs from your console/terminal output. It allows you to create GIFs by recording a session and customizing everything as desired in a simple YML format, perfect for newcomers to use it.

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