The gateway to Qbeast’s engine

The place for Data Engineers to build and design data processing pipelines.

Unified Platform

Simplify your data management and development with a single platform for all your needs.

Our hybrid transactional analytical storage system (HTAP) supports both serving and analytic workloads​, so that you can build more maintainable, reliable and efficient Big Data applications

Data Leverage

Get all the insights you need with a fraction of the time and the cost.

 By using techniques such as approximate analysis, sampling, indexing and partitioning Qdev gives you the unique possibility to get results while accessing only the minimum quantity of data.

Cloud native

We support the cloud provider of your choice.

Qdev works on top of Kubernetes, so that it integrates seamlessly with the major cloud providers. We can deliver a smooth and easy to use service while leveraging the flexibility of the cloud. We use existing open-source technology that we optimized for Qdev so that you get something familiar but better.

Try it in 3 simple steps


Deploy Apache Spark with one click on top of Apache Kubernetes


Start pouring your data into Qdev using your favorite Apache Cassandra driver


Run any query with a Spark application or our ODCB driver

Under the hood

Patented MuSES architecture

Years of research on supercomputing and Big Data at your service.

Multidimensional Storage with Efficient Sampling is our revolutionary storage layout that gives the right space to your data! 
We combine sampling and indexing together so that we can explore, analyze and query data much faster.