Big Data free
from the unnecessary

A simplified, faster and open platform for your data.

Qbeast enables unparalleled speed, and savings on cloud cost and energy while simplifying the work of data teams.

Enjoy the user experience of your favorite Warehouse and the flexibility of your Lake without the need to copying data in two different formats for BI and Machine Learning.

With Qbeast products:
Improve & optimize your data quality

Qbeast Curator

Optimized queries without manual work.

  • Up to 100x faster and cheaper queries by accessing less data
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Truly open and interoperable with data platforms and cloud providers

Qbeast Format

We organize the data in what we call “cubes”.

  • Each cube’s elements are written in a single parquet file, allowing the query engine to filter out some of them before reading their content.

  • Why waste time and money computing data that doesn’t make a difference

  • How we can help you

  • They are different Can you tell?
    With Data Leverage it’s 100x faster

  • Decision Maker
    Fearing the cost, the effort and the time required to implement new data-driven features and maintain existing ones. -Savings on cloud cost and energy -More productive data teams -Shorter time to market.
    Data team
    Dissatisfied with the complexity and slowness of building and maintaining analytics products. -Managed data ingestion and transformations -Faster queries due to smarter data layout -Use open source tools you like.

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