Qbeast space

Manage and connect data across organizations in real-time while keeping control of the access.


  • Share subsets or statistically significant samples of data
  • High concurrency and high frequency updates
  • In-place analysis
  • Usage statistics. Track, govern and audit access
  • Totally dynamic. Updates are reflected in near real time
  • Based on Delta Sharing


  • Statistics as incentive
  • Unparalleled query speed
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Share the minimum amount of data needed
  • Direct access to data without copies
  • Easy to manage
  • No limitations on data size
  • Compatible with data platforms and cloud providers

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Manage and connect


  • Limited requests


  • Basic usage statistics
  • Limited policies


Manage and connect data at scale across your business

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Dedicated Keeper

  • Multi-cloud deployment


  • Advanced statistics
  • KPI export
  • Advanced data sharing policies

Advanced dashboarding

  • Centralized reporting, auditing and control

Leveraging the Qbeast format, the most advanced format for Data Lakehouses

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