Qbeast taking part in IESE’s MBA BTTG program

Qbeast taking part in IESE’s MBA BTTG program

March 01, 2021

Qbeast was chosen to participate in the Barcelona Technology Transfer Group (BTTG) program, an initiative of IESE Business School that MBA students introduced in 2016. According to The Economist’s WhichMBA? 2021 Full-Time List, IESE’s MBA program has been ranked as the best MBA program in the world.

BTTG’s objective is to create a platform that connects inventors from research and development labs with the business acumen and talent they need in order to bring their product successfully to market.

The goal of the program is to help promote the market entry of creative new technologies, giving the greatest potential for sustainable growth and therefore have a positive impact on society and technological development. It also gives MBA students a first-hand experience of working in a start-up environment that offers invaluable training experience and facilitates relationships between IESE, it’s MBA students and the local startup ecosystem.

The program is a three-month collaboration between Qbeast and an IESE appointed team, including a group of five MBA students who provide the company with quality work while producing several ideas, and a project leader responsible for task planning and project management. The students partner up with the Qbeast team to assist with the business strategy, define market fit and segmentation and determine suitable commercialization models and sales channels.

“The idea: put scientists and MBA students in a room together, and see what happens. The answer has been that a lot happens.” said Luca Venza, founder of the BTTG and Director of Technology Innovation, Transfer and Acceleration, IESE. “The program is proof that business and science can coexist successfully, if the conditions are right and the mutual respect is there.”

For further information on BTTG, please visit the BTTG website.